The purpose of Adopt Me! is to roleplay as either a family between babies and adults.


Choosing is when a player first spawns into Adopt Me!. You can either choose Parent or Baby to role play as.


If you are a parent, head on over to the Nursery to start a family, or you can be added to a family. When you get to the Nursery, you will have a chance to add a baby to your family! Once you add a new baby to your family, you can carry them around the town of Adopt Me!. Your goal as a parent is to take care of your baby or babies.


If you're a baby, you can stay at the Nursery and wait to be added to a family by a member already in that family. You can also wander around too and create your own family. Once you are in a family, your parent can feed you, put you to bed, bathe you, and have fun with you!

Note: If you are not in a family, other parents who are also not in a family can pick you up.



Baby's ailments show up for the most recently held baby.

The Parent and the Baby will both see the ailments. There are different ailments which the baby can contain, those ailments include, hungry, sleepy, thirsty, dirty, school, bored, and sick. If you are able to fulfill these ailments, you will be awarded with bucks.



To complete the hungry ailment, you can go to the Pizza Shop and make a pizza, Ice Cream Shop and make Ice Cream, baby formula from the Baby Shop, the Coffee Shop to buy several items, or you can go to the Supermarket to buy foods. Some of the latest updates allow you to make pizzas and donuts if you get the furniture for it. The reward for completing this ailment is 6 bucks.



To complete the sleepy ailment, you can, if you're a baby, be put in a crib, by someone a parent holding you, or choose to sleep in the crib yourself. You can find cribs either in the Nursery or in a House. The reward for completing this ailment is 7 bucks.



To complete the thirsty ailment, you can go to the Coffee Shop to buy tea, or coffee, which fulfills the baby's thirst. You can also go to the Baby Shop and use a baby bottle to complete the ailment. The reward for completing this ailment is 6 bucks.



To complete the dirty ailment, you can use a shower, bath, or hot tub in the Houses, or the Gym. Swimming in the river, or at the pool does not increase your cleanliness. The reward for completing this ailment is 7 bucks.



To complete the school ailment, you can go to the school and interact with certain items, like the computers and chalkboards, while you wait for the amount of time spent there to complete the school ailment. The reward for completing the school ailment is 12 bucks.



To complete the bored ailment, you can go to the Park and play on the swings, trampolines, and slides. Some furniture like the piano also gets rid of this ailment. Note: Obbies do NOT complete the ailment. The reward for completing this ailment is 12 bucks.



To complete the sick ailment, you can go to the Hospital and ask Doctor Heart to heal your family. Doctor Heart is through the doors to the right of the welcome desk. You can also heal yourself with the golden healing apple or by sitting on the healing bed. The reward for completing this ailment is 12 bucks.

Every five minutes, the Baby and Parent get a daily allowance. The Baby and Parent always get twenty bucks.


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The main feature of the, Adopt Me!, map is the giant river around the Nursery and four bridges leading to the rest of the map. On the middle island, there are the Nursery, Baby Shop, School, balloon to the Sky Castle, Hospital, and Pets store (In Development).

One of the bridge, the white bridge, lead to the tunnel toward the neighborhood. To the right of the tunnel, there is the ice cream shop, pizza shop, car dealership, and the Fun Shop. The gray bridge leads you to the soccer field. The red bridge leads you to the supermarket. To the right of the supermarket is the pool. Finally, the wooden bridge leads you to the clothing store. There are also premium plots to place your house on. You need the game-pass "Premium Plot" to do this.

One special place is the Sky Castle. You can reach this place by flying the balloon for 5 bucks, the teleporter which you can get for 2999 bucks, or by using special toys like the glider. In the castle, you can buy potions like hyperspeed potion, anti-gravity potion, etc. You can also buy a special balloon stroller which is ultra-rare.


Adoption Center

A place to adopt babies, it was the original spawn for players playing as babies but was changed with the House update. It is also home to the VIP room, which has a dance floor, money trees, and free food. The money trees do not give you bucks, however.

Baby Store

here you can buy items for your baby such as baby food and baby bottles, rattles, and strollers. It’s got all your baby-themed needs!