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Adopt Me! Bucks

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When players log onto Adopt Me!, they can choose to either be a parent or a baby to start playing. Based on which one you choose, you get a special color on your chat (Parent: Red; Baby: Blue).

Login Bonus

Main article: Daily Reward

Whenever a player logs into the game, a menu will pop up and they will receive a login bonus, depending on if 15 hours have passed or not. You might want to set an alert on your phone for this to remind you to just hop on and get the free money. Even if you don't necessarily plan on playing the game anytime soon, you might just want to grab the free money just in case you ever go back to the game.

If a player logs in every day, they can continue their streak for up to five days, where on the fifth day, the player receives a Gift or cracked egg, 12-20 stars, and the rewards restart. The fourth day is the most important because you will get Bucks.png 200 and 1 star for logging in. Streaks continue until the player does not play the game for 12 hours.

Day Reward
Day 1 Bucks.png 25 and 1 Star
Day 2 Bucks.png 50 and 1 star
Day 3 Bucks.png 100 and 1 Star
Day 4 Bucks.png 500 and 1 Star
Day 5 Small Gift and 5 Stars
Day 10 Big Gift and 10 Stars
Day 15 Massive Gift and 10 Stars
Day 20 Small Gift and 15 Stars
Day 25 Big Gift and 15 Stars
Day 30 Cracked Egg and 20 Stars

*Playing the game will also periodically get you a money check for Bucks.png 20*

Pets and Babies

Bucks can be earned by taking care of yourself or others as a Baby and/or taking care of your pet. You will get tasks you'll need to complete that show up at the top of your screen. Going to the School will help you to complete the majority of these small quests, As of the beds and places to eat. Being both the baby and pet essentially doubles the amount of money you can earn!


  • Dirty: You and your pet can cure this need by buying a shower or bathtub inside your house and then completing the task.
  • Hungry: Pets can be fed at the School or in your house with a pet feeder (The sleek feeder is the one you should get, it has food and water for only Bucks.png 99). You can take apples from the teacher's desk. You can also take Marshmallows from the Best Shop Ever!, or the campsite. Grab a lot of the apples and marshmallows, so you can feed yourself and your pet on the go. You can usually find someone selling hot dogs for only a dollar or two. You can also buy food at the supermarket. (See Food)
  • Sleepy: Pets and babies can sleep at the School, and you both can sleep at the campsite or wherever there's an available bed - but babies will need cribs, pet beds, or sleeping bags.
  • Thirsty: Your pet can drink at the School, however, you will need to purchase something to drink. The cheapest way to do this is to look for a Lemonade Stand that's selling for a dollar, if not, them a tea from the coffee shop for Bucks.png 2 but, you'll get the least money from this task because you need to purchase something to drink. If you go purchase a drink from the supermarket (the green and white building), the cheapest option is to buy water, which only costs Bucks.png 1. You can go to the Nursery and let your pet drink from a water fountain in the “Pets” area. You can also buy a "Water Cooler" or "Coffee Maker" and add it to your house. Buying the water cooler is really the cheapest option as even though you have to pay Bucks.png 300 for it, it gives you unlimited water from which you can drink from and thus cure your thirst. Alternatively, you can buy the cups and the teapots and add them to your house (from the Lunar New Year 2020 update, which can be found in the category "Eastern").

There are also orange objectives. These require you to go over to a certain area in a limited amount of time, but they give you additional money! These are the ones you want to make sure to complete quickly before they disappear.

  • Bored: Go to the playground, you don't have to do anything, you can just idle there. You can also cure your boredom by playing the piano at your house, or if you're a baby, then you can play with a rattle.
  • Camping: Head over to the campsite and hang out!
  • Pool Party: Go to the Pool, and like almost all orange objectives, you can idle there.
  • School: Hang out at the school and just sit there.
  • Sick: Go to the Hospital and talk to the doctor. You can also grab Healing Apples from there for free and eat them on the go, but the golden apples will be taken out of your inventory when you leave the game. Alternatively, you can go to the room on the right of the "Golden Apple Room," and sit on the blue cot.

During special occasions, there are special ailments where your pet wants to do stuff they can't originally do. This is available for a limited time.

  • Graveyard: Same as Bored, and you can not do anything, unless if you want to go dig graves to get candy and avoid ghosts. (Replaces the Bored ailment and playground)
  • Haunted House: Go there to teach your pets or hunt for ghosts. (Replaces the School ailment and school)
  • Ice Skating: Frozen Lake had gingerbread men all over it and you can skate around to collect them, but if you bump into a penguin, you will lose some gingerbread men. How much you lost depended on how much Gingerbread you had collected.
  • Training A Reindeer: Go to the stables in the Winter Village, and select a reindeer. You need to fly to get gingerbread men. Beware, the reindeer will fly for a limited time, so if they say they can't fly for much longer, while in midair, you will lose 200 Gingerbread for injuring them, so you should go land on the ground before they crash.
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