Gamepasses can be bought with Robux instead of Bucks in Adopt Me! They will give you something special when you buy them. Some gamepasses give you pets such as the Horse or Griffin gamepasses. Others give you items such as the Ride-A-Pet Potion or Fly-A-Pet Potion. Yet more give you special perks like the V.I.P gamepass.

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An Example Of An Adopt Me! Gamepass

Gamepasses Name Cost
Info How It Works Image
Flyable Pets 295 Making a pet permanently flyable by feeding them this magic potion Makes a Pet Flyable
RobloxScreenShot20200415 153526043 (2)
Rideable Pets 150 Making a pet permanently rideable by feeding them this magic potion Makes A Pet Rideable
Hatch Pet 45 Instead of buying an egg and going through the painful process of leveling it up, this product instantly hatches your egg! Instantly hatches a pet, when you get an egg
Instant hatch
Sloth 199 Unlocks Pet Sloth Gives you a Sloth
Modern Mansion 350 Unlocks Modern Mansion Gives you a Modern Mansion
Hotdog Stand 95 Sell hotdogs to your friends to earn bucks! Gives you a Hotdog Stand
Lemonade Stand 50 Sell lemonade to your friends to earn bucks! Gives you a Lemonade Stand
Griffin 600 Unlocks Legendary Pet Griffin Gives you a Griffin
Horse 300 Unlocks Pet Horse Gives you a Horse
Mermaid Mansion 400 Unlock Mermaid Mansion Gives you a Mermaid Mansion
Celebrity Mansion 800 +Celebrity Mansion + SUV Gives you both a Celebrity Mansion and an SUV
Millionaire Pack 1250 +Millionare Mansion +Luxury Car Gives you both a Millionaire Mansion and a Luxury Car
Royal Carriages 1499 Unlocks 3 Legendary Royal Carriages Gives you 3 Royal Carriages
Heart Hoverboard 35 Zoom around your friends with the Heart Hoverboard! Gives you a Heart Hoverboard
Starter Pack 99 +Family Home +200 Bucks +Multi-Bike Gives you a Family Home, 200 Bucks, and a Multi-Bike
Starter Pack
Glider 399 Fly into the skies with your very own Glider! Gives you a Glider
Supercar Pack 1000 +Douglas+Tiffany


Gives you 3 Supercars
Premium Plot 449 Moves your home to any glowing space near the nursery Moves your house to Adoption Island
DJ 350 Plays custom music at home using a radio Play and custom music at your house
Premium Faces 199 Uses any premium face in Dress Up Unlocks some premium faces while in Dress Up
V.I.P 499 +V.I.P Room Access +Exclusive Limo (Use to be GoKart) +V.I.P Chat Tag +100 Bucks Gives you access to the V.I.P Room, A Limo, a GoKart (If you bought V.I.P in the old Adopt Me!), a V.I.P chat tag, and 100 bucks
Golden Goldfish 225 The perfect treat to tame a wild Penguin or Golden Penguin Give you a Golden Goldfish to tame a Penguin, with a 1/10 chance of taming a Golden Penguin
Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 20.57.59
Shadow Dragon (Removed) 1000 Unlocks Pet Shadow Dragon Gives you a Shadow Dragon
Tries (Removed) 15 You're out of tries! Would you like 3 more tries for ROBUX 15? Gives you 3 more tries at the graveyard
Candy Cannon (Removed) 2000 404: Info Not Found Gives you a Candy Cannon to blast unlimited candy at any player.
Frost Dragon (Removed) 1000 Unlocks Pet Frost Dragon Gives you a Frost Dragon
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