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Gamepasses are different pets and items in Adopt Me! that can only be bought with Robux.png Robux.

Some gamepasses give the player pets, such as the Horse, Griffin, and Panda. Others give the player special items or pet accessories, such as the Ride-A-Pet Potion or Hero's Costume. Some gamepasses give the player special perks, like the V.I.P gamepass.

Additionally, some gamepasses are only available for a limited time during events; after the event ends, they will no longer be available for purchase. Examples of these include the Shadow Dragon and Frost Fury. Gamepasses that are limited to events are usually specified in-game.

Gamepass Cost Description Image
Fly-A-Pet Potion Robux.png 295 Make a pet permanently flyable by feeding them this magic potion.
Ride-A-Pet Potion Robux.png 150 Make a pet permanently rideable by feeding them this magic potion.
Instant Hatch Robux.png 45 Instead of buying an egg and going through the painful process of leveling it up, this product instantly hatches your egg!
Sloth Robux.png 199 Unlocks Pet Sloth.
Modern Mansion Robux.png 350 Unlocks Modern Mansion.
Modern Mansion Gamepass Icon.png
Hotdog Stand Robux.png 95 Sell Hotdogs to your friends to earn Bucks!
Hotdog Stand Gamepass Icon.png
Lemonade Stand Robux.png 50 Sell Lemonade to your friends to earn Bucks!
Lemonade Stand Gamepass Icon.png
Ice Cream Truck (Removed) Robux.png 350 Sell Ice Cream to your friends to earn Bucks!


Robux.png 600 Unlocks Legendary Pet Griffin.
Griffin Gamepass Icon.png


Robux.png 300 Unlocks Pet Horse.
Horse Gamepass Icon.png
Mermaid Mansion Robux.png 400 Unlocks Mermaid Mansion.
Mermaid Mansion Gamepass Icon.png
Celebrity Mansion Robux.png 800 + Celebrity Mansion


Celebrity Mansion Gamepass Icon.png
Millionaire Pack Robux.png 1,250 + Millionaire Mansion

+ Luxury Car

Millionare Pack Gamepass Icon.png
Royal Carriages Robux.png 1,499 Unlocks 3 Legendary Royal Carriages.
Royal Carriages Gamepass Icon.png
Heart Hoverboard (Removed) Robux.png 35 Zoom around your friends on the Heart Hoverboard!
Starter Pack Robux.png 99 + Family Home

+ Bucks.png 200
+ Multi-Bike

Starter Pack Gamepass Icon.png
Glider (Removed) Robux.png 399 Fly into the skies with your very own Glider!
Glider Gamepass Icon.png
Supercars Pack (Removed) Robux.png 1,000 Unlocks 3 Legendary Supercars.
Supercars Gamepass.png
Premium Plot Robux.png 449 Moves your home to any glowing space near the Nursery.
Premium Plot Gamepass Icon.png
DJ (Removed) Robux.png 350 Plays custom music at home using a radio.
DJ Gamepass Icon.png
Premium Faces Robux.png 199 Use any premium face in Dress Up.
V.I.P Robux.png 499 + V.I.P Room Access

+ Exclusive Limo (Used to be GoKart)
+ V.I.P Chat Tag
+ Bucks.png 100

VIP Gamepass Icon.png
Golden Goldfish Robux.png 225 The perfect treat to tame a wild Penguin or Golden Penguin.
Honey Robux.png 199 The perfect treat to tame a wild Bee, King Bee, or Queen Bee.
Honey Gamepass Icon.png
Santa Dog (Dalmatian) (Removed) Robux.png 250 Unlocks Limited Santa Dog (Dalmatian).
Santa Dog Gamepass Icon.png
Shadow Dragon (Removed) Robux.png 1,000 Unlocks Pet Shadow Dragon.
Tries (Removed) Robux.png 15 You're out of tries! Would you like 3 more tries for Robux.png 15?
Candy Cannon (Removed) Robux.png 2,000 Blast unlimited candy at your friends! (Usable forever!)
Candy Cannon Gamepass Icon.png
Frost Dragon (Removed) Robux.png 1,000 Unlocks Pet Frost Dragon.
Starter Bundle (Removed) Robux.png 999 Unlocks Bucks.png 1,000, 2 Pet Eggs, 1 Ride-A-Pet Potion, and 1 Fly-A-Pet Potion.
Starter Bundle Gamepass Icon.png
Pet + Potion Bundle (Removed) Robux.png 4,345 Unlocks 10 Golden Goldfish, 10 Honey, 10 Ride-A-Pet Potions, and 10 Fly-A-Pet Potions.
Pet + Potion Bundle Gamepass Icon.png
Egg Bundle (Removed) Robux.png 10,199 Unlocks 10 Cracked Eggs, 10 Pet Eggs, 10 Royal Eggs, and 10 Farm Eggs.
Egg Bundle Gamepass Icon.png
Discosplosion (Removed) Robux.png 85 Throw down a dance party wherever you go!
Discosplosion Gamepass Icon.png
Magic Door Robux.png 150 Instantly teleport to your house from anywhere!
Magic Door Gamepass Icon.png
Panda Robux.png 249 Unlocks Pet Panda.
Kitsune Robux.png 600 Unlocks Pet Kitsune.
Kitsune Gamepass Icon.png
Hero's Costume Robux.png 250 Unlocks the Adventurer's Sword, Adventurer's Hood, and Black Scarf.
Hero's Costume Gamepass Icon.png
Pirate's Costume Robux.png 300 Pirate pet wear set. Includes Special Pirate Hat, Eyepatch, Mustache, Ruff, & Cutlass.
Pirate's Costume Gamepass Icon.png
Royal Butterfly Bundle Robux.png 80 Royal Butterfly pet wear set. Includes Pink Butterfly Wings, Gold Circle Glasses, Pink Hightops, and Gold Tiara.
Royal Butterfly Bundle Gamepass Icon.png
Cerberus Robux.png 500 Unlocks Pet Cerberus.
Cerberus Gamepass Icon.png
Robo Dog


Robux.png 600 Unlocks Pet Robo Dog.
Robo Dog Gamepass Icon.png
Frost Fury (Pet) (Removed) Robux.png 800 Unlocks Pet Frost Fury.
Frost Fury (Gamepass Icon).png
Guardian Lion Robux.png 500 Unlocks Pet Guardian Lion.
Guardian Lion Gamepass.png
Diamond Lavender Robux.png 199 The perfect treat to tame a wild Ladybug, Golden Ladybug, or Diamond Ladybug.
Diamond Lavender Gamepass Icon.png
Peacock Robux.png 550 Unlocks Pet Peacock.
Peacock Gamepass Icon.png


Robux.png 250 Unlocks Pet Lamb.
Lamb Gamepass Icon.png
Red Squirrel Robux.png 200 Unlocks Pet Red Squirrel.
Red Squirrel Gamepass Icon.png
Cobra Robux.png 500 Unlocks Pet Cobra.
Cobra Gamepass Icon.png
Ultra Car Pack Robux.png 800 Unlocks 3 Legendary Ultra Cars!
Ultra Car Pack Gamepass.png
Axolotl Robux.png 600 Unlocks Pet Axolotl.
Axolotl Gamepass Icon.png
Eco Natural Earth House Robux.png 850 Unlocks Eco Natural Earth House.
Eco Natural Earth House Gamepass Icon.png
Halloween White Ghost Dragon (Removed) Robux.png 1,000 Unlocks Pet Ghost Dragon.
Halloween White Ghost Dragon Gamepass Icon.png
Ice Golem (Removed) Robux.png 1,000 Unlocks Pet Ice Golem.
Ice Golem Gamepass Icon.png
Toy Rescue Helicopter (Removed) Robux.png 400 Unlocks Toy Rescue Helicopter.
Toy Rescue Helicopter Gamepass.png
Cozy Cabin & Snowmobile Robux.png 849 Unlocks Cozy House and Snowmobile.
Cozy Cabin & Snowmobile Gamepass Icon.png
Mud Ball Robux.png 199 The perfect treat to tame a Scarab.
Mud Ball Gamepass Icon.png
Dancing Dragon (Removed) Robux.png 800 Unlocks Pet Dancing Dragon.
The Dancing Dragon gamepass icon.png
Taxi Driver Bundle Robux.png 350 Unlocks two taxis! Pick up passengers and drop them off to collect Bucks!
Taxi Driver Bundle gamepass.png
Gyrocopter (Removed) Robux.png 549 Unlocks the Gyrocopter!
Gyrocopter Gamepass Icon.png
Camping Kit Robux.png 200 Unlocks 4 Premium Portable Camping Furniture!
Camping Kit Gamepass Icon.png
Horse And Carriage (Removed) Robux.png 549 Unlocks The Horse And Carriage.
Horse And Carriage Gamepass Icon.png
Mechapup (Removed) Robux.png 850 Unlocks Pet Mechapup.
Mechapup Gamepass Icon.png
Sugar Glider (Removed) Robux.png 500 Unlocks Pet Sugar Glider.
Sugar Glider Gamepass Icon.png
Golden Clam Robux.png 199 The perfect treat to tame an albatross.
Golden Clam Gamepass Icon.png
Winged Horse Robux.png 800 Adopt a wonderful Winged Horse!
Winged Horse Gamepass Icon.png
Goat (Removed) Robux.png 249 Unlocks Pet Goat.
Goat Gamepass Icon.png
Space Bundle Robux.png 1,250 Unlocks Capricorn Pet and Space House.
Space Bundle Gamepass Icon.png