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The Futuristic House is a house in Adopt Me! that has five rooms; two bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, a living room, a pool, and a balcony. It costs Bucks.png 2,500. This house has two floors; one of these has a door leading to the balcony. Unlike many other houses, the color of this house is not customizable.


On the exterior of the Futuristic House, there is a small wooden structure with lights and vines hanging from the frame. Vehicles can be parked underneath this structure provided the vehicle is not too large. There is a small balcony above the main exterior entrance; this balcony has black-framed transparent railings and a small door. The main exterior entrance features non-interactable furniture and seats, with the door in the corner.

On its interior, the Futuristic House has an additional indoor pool to the right of the opening door. This house comes with free lamps, couches, a TV, clothing rack, cribs, a bed, posters, counters, a tub, crates, and other interior furniture items.


  • Many players view this as the best house for a party since it is reasonably large, affordably priced, and one of the largest houses that do not cost Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg Robux.
  • The exterior of the Futuristic House makes it look much smaller than it actually is, consistent to the rest of the house.
  • Furniture cannot be placed on the balcony or at the front of the house, as with all other houses.