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The Fun Flying Disc (formerly known as Fun Frisbee) is an uncommon pet toy in Adopt Me! that is currently available in the Pet Shop for Bucks.png 300. It is stored in the 'Toy' section of a player's inventory.

The Fun Flying Disc's color is customizable upon purchase. When purchased, the player can customize the color of the toy. After the color is chosen, it cannot be changed again, even if the toy is traded away.


Being a pet toy, this item serves no purpose besides being an entertaining toy for your pets to play with. When a player interacts with the Fun Flying Disc, it is thrown on the ground. If a pet is equipped, the pet will chase after it and bring it back to the player; this is similar to most throw toys.


The Fun Flying Disk features a thick, flat ring that is customizable by color. It has a slight indent in the middle that stretches across the ring.