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Not to be confused with Frost Fury (Pet).

The Frost Fury is an NPC in Adopt Me! that was introduced during the Winter Holiday Event (2020). It is a Chinese-type dragon that resembles the Frost Dragon slightly in its colors. The Frost Fury lives in one of the cabins in the Winter Holiday Event.

One of the minigames in the Winter Holiday Event (2020) was feeding the Frost Fury. When the player entered the cabin by the castle to initiate the minigame, they are tasked to melt ice with a candle and obtain the food frozen within the ice to feed the Frost Fury. There were also obstacles to overcome to reach the end. The more points accumulated, the more gingerbread earnt. After the minigame, the Frost Fury NPC is seen happily sitting on a throne at the end of the corridor.

Before the event began, there was a Frost Fury NPC guarding the door that led to the event shop. If a player ventured too close to the gate, they would be knocked backwards. This NPC was moved after the event started and the shop opened.


The Frost Fury features a snake-like white dragon with a light cyan underbelly. It has a short, blue crystal tail, four white legs, and ice-like spikes along its back. The head has two blue horns, two indigo ears, a dark blue nose, two blue eyebrows, and beady black eyes.