The Frog is an ultra-rare pet which can be obtained from the Aussie Egg, which costs 750 bucks.


The Frog, it has green skin, black eyes and a peachy yellow underbelly with four green legs.

Neon Appearance

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The neon frog shines bright yellow on the underbelly.

Mega Neon Appearance

The mega neon frog glows on the underbelly in the colors of the rainbow.

Mega neon frog

a mega neon frog.


  • Sit - Newborn
  • Lay down - Junior
  • Beg - Pre-teen
  • Joy - Teen
  • Trick 1 - Post-teen
  • Trick 2 - Full-grown


  • The Frog was one of the eight petsย added in the Aussie Egg/Pets Update.
  • Instead of walking on its feet, it will hop when you walk.
  • The Kangaroo and Frog are currently the only pets that move by hopping/jumping.
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