The Founder's Key is an item that used to open The Vault in the Pet Store. It is found in the sunken ship, right beneath Burt's new station spot.

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A player holding the Founder's Key

How to obtain

After diving into the area of water where Burt is stationed, you then dive down into the Sunken Ship and search for the three pieces of the key.

The first key is located straight ahead of you, in the small sandy cove ahead.

The second key is located near the wooden staircase section, close to the first.

The third key is located on the very top of the highest tree.


  • The Founder's Key is now an uncommon toy and appears in the 'Toys' section when you acquire it and is called the Founder's Key Throw Toy.
  • Your pet will fetch it if you click on it, like a throw toy.
  • You can trade it now.
  • It will squeak once or twice and will emit white effects when it is thrown.
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