The Founder's Crown is a rare item that came out with the 2020 "??????" update on April 3, 2020. It is currently in the "Pet Accessories" category and is used as a pet hat.

Founder's Crown as seen on a Dog.

How to Obtain

First, the player has to obtain the 3 parts of the Founder's Key in the underwater area. After the player collects all three parts of the key, they then must head to the Vault in the Pet Store. Finally, they must unlock both vaults with the Founder's Key. On a pedestal in the second vault lies the Founder's Crown. However, you can no longer do this, and the keys are no longer available. Once you had the key, you could obtain a Founder’s Key Throw Toy, an uncommon throw toy.


  • If you clicked while holding the item before the pet accessory update, a message would pop up saying "Too small for my head! Need some time to think about this...”
  • Before the pet accessory update, this item could not be traded or given to another player, and you had to find it in the underwater area.
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