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Not to be confused with 'Party Crown .

The Founder's Crown is a limited rare pet accessory in Adopt Me! that was released on April 3, 2020. It is currently part of the 'Pet Wear' category and is worn on a pet's head. It is no longer obtainable and can only be obtained through trading.

How to Obtain

In order to obtain the Founder's Crown, a player has to obtain the 3 parts of the Founder's Key in the underwater area. After the player has collected all the three parts of the key, they must then head to the Vault in the Pet Store. Finally, they must unlock both the vaults with the Founder's Key. On a pedestal located inside the second vault lies the Founder's Crown.

However, players could have only done this before the Dress Your Pets Live Event, and the Founder's Key is no longer obtainable.


The Founder's Crown features a golden crown with an interior of red plush, encrusted with purple jewels on the outside.


  • If the player tried to interact with this item before the pet accessory update, a message would pop up saying "Too small for my head! Need some time to think about this..."
  • Before the pet accessory update, this item could not be traded or given to another player, only obtainable through the underwater area.
  • It is the first pet accessory that was added in Adopt Me!.