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The Fossil Isle Excavation, also known as the Fossil Isle Event, is an event in Adopt Me! that started on October 2, 2020, to celebrate the Fossil Egg's release. The Fossil Egg was released on October 10, 2020. The Fossil Isle Excavation area was removed from the game on November 11, 2020, along with the Halloween Event (2020).


Finding Fossils

Fossils can be found in the excavation zone and can be excavated using one of the tools provided at the entrance of the Fossil Isle. These tools are not tradeable and are only kept in the players' inventory until they leave the server. Players can only dig up a limited number of fossils in a day, and only one of each type of toy.

Analyzing Fossils

Once players have found a new fossil, they can go to the NPC Henry, who will analyze it and give the player a preview of one of the pets in the Fossil Egg.

Animal Discoveries

After analyzing the fossils, players will discover a new animal. This is a list of each animal discovered per day. Each day up to October 7, there will be two animals discovered.

After October 7, there were no more animals to discover, but players could still dig for toys.

Animals Discovered (per day)
Date Animals Discovered (Rarity)
October 2, 2020 (Day 1) Tasmanian Tiger (Common)

Ground Sloth (Common)

October 3, 2020 (Day 2) Triceratops (Uncommon)

Stegosaurus (Uncommon)

October 4, 2020 (Day 3) Glyptodon (Uncommon)

Dilophosaurus (Rare)

October 5, 2020 (Day 4) Woolly Mammoth (Rare)

Pterodactyl (Rare)

October 6, 2020 (Day 5) Sabertooth (Ultra-Rare)

Deinonychus (Ultra-Rare)

October 7, 2020 (Day 6) Dodo (Legendary)

T-Rex (Legendary)

Pet Accessories

After a player discovers all the pets of a certain rarity, Henry rewards them with a pet accessory of the same rarity. Only one new pet accessory can be found each day.

Pet Accessory Rarity

Finding Toys

Toys can be found in the excavation zone and can be excavated using one of the tools provided in the entrance of Fossil Isle. Players can only dig up one of each toy.

Toy Rarity Interaction
Common Click to throw.
Uncommon Click to throw.
Common Click to shake.
Common Click to throw.
Common Click to throw.
Common Click to throw.
Uncommon Click to throw.
Uncommon Click to throw.
Rare Click to play music.

Explore Fossil Isle! πŸ¦–πŸ₯š Help Bring Fossil Eggs to Adopt Me! on Roblox


  • The Christmas Egg is the only other egg that went with an event; the Fossil Egg is the first Gumball Machine Egg to be a part of an event.
  • After a player dug up the maximum amount of toys, they received a message reading: "There is nothing left to dig". If the players attempted to dig afterwards, the same message would come up. Even after the 20-hour fossil digging limit was up, the limit on digging toys still came up.
  • There are two NPCs in this event, Henry and Rachel.
  • Two reoccurring NPCs in this event are Tom and Burt.
    • Tom is a time traveler and was previously found in the Pet Shop before gamepass pets were introduced. At Fossil Isle, he stands near the helicopter and greets the player.
    • Burt is the shopkeeper for the Camping Store. At Fossil Isle, he appears behind the tree saying, "Deenosores aren't reel ya know. That bone from giant. Watch out for beenstork..."
  • There is a new area in this event featuring a large waterfall and a helicopter landing pad. The pad was teased on the official Adopt Me! Twitter and shown on the YouTube video to the right.
  • The Helicopter used to enter the Fossil Isle Excavation is the same helicopter as the Fossil Paw Helicopter.