This page contains information that has not been released into the Adopt Me! game.
All information has been confirmed from credible sources such as the Adopt Me! Twitter.

The Fossil Egg[1], also known as the Dino Egg, is a limited-time egg that will be released into Adopt Me! in a future update.

The Fossil Egg will most likely be a legendary item costing Bucks 750, based on the rarity and cost of all the previous Gumball Machine eggs.

Known Fossil Egg Pets

Pet Image Rarity
Pink Dodo
Pink Dodo

An image featuring the front part of the T-Rex pet


  • The only pet known to be in the future Fossil Egg is the Pink Dodo, as confirmed by the official Adopt Me! on Twitter.
  • Players assume that there will be 14 pets in total in the Fossil Egg due to tweets Adopt Me! previously released.
  • Apparently, all the Fossil pets will have unique animations.
  • Players sometimes refer to the Fossil Egg as the Dino Egg since Adopt Me! has previously tweeted the emojis "dino" and "egg". However, it was later confirmed through an official announcement that the upcoming egg would be referred to as, “Fossil Egg”.
  • The official Adopt Me! Team has confirmed that not only dinosaurs will be in the Fossil Egg. There will be other creatures too.
  • A person on Twitter called @"Am_Leaks" has tweeted out meshes, Nobody knows if they are real.
  • Adopt Me! Developers say that the Fossil Egg update won't be only an egg. There will be a whole event based around the Fossil Eggs.
  • Adopt Me! Developers say that the release date of the Fossil Egg will be on the Gumball Machine at least one week before it is released.


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