Food can be consumed by adults, babies, and pets. When consumed by babies or pets, it restores their hunger if needed. An exception to this is the healing apple which is found at the hospital that gives the player 12 bucks if it is was a need. Otherwise, the player will not receive anything. Most food can be bought at the Supermarket, though some can be taken for free and some can be bought at specific stores.

Regular Food

Food Price

Number of Uses (per unit)


Teacher's Apple (School)

Free 3


1 Buck 3
Blueberry Pie 3 Bucks 5
Burger 2 Bucks 3
Cake 3 Bucks 2
Cheese 2 Bucks 2
Chocolate Milk 2 Bucks 5
Ham 3 Bucks 5
Hot Dog 2 Bucks(unless bought from hot dog stand) 2
Ice Cream 1 buck 1 + 1 per scoop
Marshmallow Free 1
Pizza 1 buck 3
Popcorn 2 bucks 5
Raspberry Pie
3 bucks 5
Sandwich 2 bucks (or free, as whenever a player joins there is one in their inventory) 3
2 bucks 3
Water 1 buck 8
Watermelon 2 bucks 3
Dim Sum Unknown Unknown
Chocolate Bar Unknown Unknown
Pattern Egg
Patterns egg
Received From Easter Event 2019 Unknown
Star Egg Received From Easter Event 2019 Unknown
Striped Egg Received from Easter Event 2019 Unknown
Chocolate Stick Unknown Unknown
Ice Tub Unknown Unknown
Chocolate Egg Received from Easter Event 1


In Adopt Me! all of the food from events that are classified as candy can slightly increase a player's speed. Players are not allowed to consume candies in obbies and will get a warning that will pop up if a player attempts to eat one.

Candy Obtained by


Adopt Me! Halloween event. Purchase for 75 Bucks or meet the Headless Horseman at night. Also the candy from the Candy Cannon.
Adopt Me! Christmas event. Found in small gift and at one point massive gift before rare snowboards were added.

Candy Cane

Adopt Me! Christmas event. Found in a small gift.
Cotton Candy Adopt Me! Monkey Fairground. Found in monkey boxes


In Adopt Me, you can purchase potions with different effects at Sky Castle. Here is a list of them.

*Note that the Big Head, Hyperspeed, and Anti-Gravity potions can also be brewed using their respective cauldrons.

Potion Price Effect
$10 Allows players to increase the size of their head.
$995 Allows players to levitate off the ground.
$395 Allows players to increase their size.
$40 Allows players to run significantly faster.
$99 Allows players to slightly boost the height of their jumps.

Special Potions

Potion Price Effect
Cure-All Potion None Completes all the needs of a baby, pet or egg. Only available during the 2019 Christmas event, and they were discontinued on January 12.
Ride Potion ROBUX 150 Makes a pet Rideable.
Fly Potion ROBUX 295 Makes a pet Flyable.
Valentine's Potion Unobtainable Hearts float around the player.
Snowflake Potion Unobtainable Snowflakes follow the player.
Teleportation Potion Unobtainable Allows the player to teleport to their house or to the Nursey five times.
Chocolate Drop Unobtainable N/A


  • The only foods you could or can get for free are the Apples, Sandwich, Marshmallow, seasonal foods and the Easter Eggs.
  • Some of the potions you can stack for a higher effect.
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