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Food is an item category in Adopt Me!, which is used to satisfy babies' or pets' hunger ailments, rewarding the player Bucks.png 6. The Healing Apple, which is found at the Hospital, gives the player Bucks.png 12. If it is fed to a sick baby and/or pet, however it doesn't satisfy the hunger ailment.

Potions can give the player and/or pet a unique effect when consumed, but they also never satisfy the hunger ailment. Most food can be bought at the Farm Shop, though some can be taken for free and some can be bought at specific stores or during events. Babies can eat the same food item several times, with the number of uses varying for each item, however pets and parents consume every food item immediately.

Most food items can be consumed by parents, babies, and pets. The only exceptions are the Ride-A-Pet Potion, Fly-A-Pet Potion, and the other potions sold in the Potion Shop as they are the only potions that can only be consumed by pets. Similarly, the eggs that could be obtained in the 2019 Easter Event cannot be consumed players or pets, making them unusable.

Regular Food

Food Price Number of Uses (per unit) Available Right Now?

Teacher's Apple (School)

Free when accessed from School 3 βœ“
Bucks.png 1 3 βœ“
Bucks.png 3 5 βœ—
Bucks.png 2 3 βœ—
Bucks.png 3 2 βœ—
Bucks.png 2 2 βœ“
Bucks.png 2 (Free when accessed from the V.I.P Room) 5 βœ“
Bucks.png 3 6 βœ“
Bucks.png 45 (Once a player has purchased the Donuts from the furniture catalog, players can collect an unlimited amount of Donuts from the platter.) 3 βœ“


Bucks.png 3 (Free when accessed from the V.I.P Room) 5 βœ“
Bucks.png 2 (Unless bought from Hotdog Stand, in which cost varies.) 2 βœ“
Bucks.png 1 1 + 1 per scoop βœ“
Bucks.png 2 1 βœ—
Bucks.png 2 3 βœ—
Free 1 βœ“
Bucks.png 1 3 βœ—

Pizza/Pizza Dough

Bucks.png 1 3 βœ“
Bucks.png 2 (Free when accessed from the V.I.P Room) 5 βœ“
Bucks.png 3 5 βœ“
Bucks.png 5 3 βœ“
Bucks.png 2 (Free one is given every time the player joins the game) 3 βœ“
Bucks.png 2 5 βœ—
Bucks.png 2 3 βœ—


Bucks.png 2 7 βœ“
Bucks.png 1 (Free when accessed from the V.I.P Room) 8 βœ“
Bucks.png 2 3 βœ“
Bucks.png 25 (Lunar New Year Event 2018) 3 βœ—
Free 3 βœ—
Free (2019 Easter Event) Cannot use βœ—
Free (2019 Easter Event) Cannot use βœ—
Free (2019 Easter Event) Cannot use βœ—
Free (2019 Easter Event) Cannot use βœ—


In Adopt Me! all of the food from events that are classified as candy can slightly increase a player's speed. Players are not allowed to consume candies in obbies and will get a pop-up warning if they attempt to eat one.

Candy Obtained by
Adopt Me! Halloween event. (2017: Purchase for Bucks.png 75 or meet the Headless Horseman at night) (2018: Collect candy from candy bowls in players' houses or from Candy Cannon)
Adopt Me! Christmas event in 2017. Found in Small Gift and at one point Massive Gift before rare snowboards were added. They were also in the Coffee Shop but were removed.
Adopt Me! Christmas event. Found in a Small Gift.
Bucks.png 5 (Sweet Street event)
Bucks.png 5 (Sweet Street event)
Bucks.png 5 (Sweet Street event)
Bucks.png 5 (Sweet Street event)
Received for free or purchased for Bucks.png 50 during the 2018 Easter Event.
Monkey Boxes (Adopt Me! Monkey Fairground)


Main article: Potions

In Adopt Me!, players can purchase potions with different effects at Sky Castle. Here is a list of them.

  • Note that the Big Head, Hyperspeed, and Anti-Gravity potions can also be brewed using their respective cauldrons.
Potion Price Rarity Effect Available Right Now?
Bucks.png 10 Common Allows players to increase the size of their head. βœ“
Bucks.png 995 Ultra-Rare Allows players to levitate off the ground. βœ—
Bucks.png 395 Rare Allows players to increase their size. βœ“
Bucks.png 40 Common Allows players to run significantly faster. βœ“
Bucks.png 80 Rare Allows the player to walk on water when consumed. βœ—
Bucks.png 99 Uncommon Allows players to slightly boost the height of their jumps. βœ“
Bucks.png 350 Rare Turns a pet bigger for 10 minutes. βœ“
Bucks.png 600 Rare Turns a pet translucent for 10 minutes. βœ“
Bucks.png 250 Rare Turns a pet smaller for 10 minutes. βœ“
Robux.png 150 Legendary Makes a pet rideable. βœ“
Robux.png 295 Legendary Makes a pet flyable. βœ“

Special Potions

These potions were obtainable during certain events in Adopt Me!.

Potion Price Effect
Obtainable (via task board) Completes all the needs of a baby, pet, or egg. (Available during the 2018 and 2019 Christmas events, and can be obtained through completing tasks on the task board)
Unobtainable Hearts float around the player.
Unobtainable Snowflakes follow the player.
Unobtainable Allows the player to teleport to their house or to the Nursery five times.