The Fly-A-Pet Potion is classified as a legendary potion in Adopt Me! that can be purchased for Robux.png 295. Though, in past sales, it could be bought for less.

These potions can make any pet flyable. If a player clicks its icon while they have it equipped, they will be prompted with the message: "Product Description: Feed this to any pet to make it permanently flyable."

Once a player has fed a Fly-A-Pet Potion to a pet, it will gain the ability to fly. In order to activate a pet's flying ability, players will have to interact with their pet and press 3/Fly.

The Fly-A-Pet Potion makes a pet permanently flyable; there is no way to undo it.

Its potion counterpart is the Ride-A-Pet Potion. The Ride-A-Pet Potion is a little over half the price of the Fly-A-Pet Potion. The Fly-A-Pet Potion was introduced to Adopt Me! soon after the release of the Ride-A-Pet Potion.

Types of Pets

Grow Wings Buffalo Cat Dog Otter Flamingo Blue Dog Chocolate Labrador
Fennec Fox Pink Cat Puma Snow Cat Meerkat Wild Boar Black Panther
Capybara Wolf Beaver Rabbit Elephant Hyena Bunny
Snow Puma Brown Bear Rhino Cow Pig Polar Bear Shrew
Horse Lion Red Panda Shiba Inu Penguin Crocodile Platypus
Sloth Zombie Buffalo Llama Arctic Fox Hedgehog Giraffe Unicorn
Evil Unicorn Golden Penguin Rat Golden Rat Panda Golden Unicorn Starfish
Dalmatian Diamond Unicorn Bandicoot Dingo Australian Kelpie Frog Koala
Turtle Kangaroo Emu Turkey Ground Sloth Tasmanian Tiger Glyptodon
Stegosaurus Triceratops Dilophosaurus Woolly Mammoth Deinonychus Sabertooth Dodo
T-Rex Kitsune Ginger Cat Chick Cerberus Robo Dog Snowman
Lynx Musk Ox Yeti Ox Lunar Ox Metal Ox Guardian Lion
Have Wings Robin Silly Duck Drake Swan Chicken Bee Ladybug
Dragon Griffin Parrot Shadow Dragon Bat Dragon King Bee Queen Bee
Owl Crow Frost Dragon Golden Dragon Golden Griffin Diamond Dragon Diamond Griffin
Toucan Pterodactyl Bat Albino Bat Snow Owl Golden Ladybug Diamond Ladybug
Don't Grow Wings Reindeer Arctic Reindeer Pet Rock Ghost Bunny Frost Fury
Not Possible Cracked Egg Pet Egg Safari Egg Jungle Egg Farm Egg Royal Egg
Aussie Egg Blue Egg Pink Egg Christmas Egg Golden Egg Diamond Egg Fossil Egg
Already Come With Flying Abilities Scoob Pet Rock Reindeer (Only During The Reindeer Training Event) Pumpkin


  • Pets can eat and drink while flying near the ground and won't turn back into their normal size (for Adults).
  • A player cannot drink the Fly-A-Pet-Potion.
  • When a baby flies a pet, the pet stays the same size. When a parent flies a pet, the pet grows in size to accommodate the player.
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