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The Flower Wagon is a limited ultra-rare two-seater vehicle in Adopt Me!, that can be found and purchased from the Spring Platform during the Spring Festival (2020) for Bucks.png 3,000. It is currently unobtainable and can now only be obtained through trading.


The Flower Wagon is the most expensive vehicle in the game, beating the Muscle Car and even the Convertible in terms of cost. This makes it very difficult to obtain for newer players, however, it is one of the more easily obtainable limited-time vehicles, costing Bucks instead of Robux or any other type of in-game currency, and having a fixed price instead of being one of many potential gift prizes.

Handling & Speed

In terms of speed, the Flower Wagon is quite slow. Its speed is equal to that of the Car. The Flower Wagon has impressively responsive steering, especially for a vehicle its size. The handling is comparable to that of a Bike, which makes it easier to perform sharp u-turns or drive out of parking lots. However, as turning can be quite difficult in some of Adoption Island's curvier turns, the Flower Wagon's maneuverability can also prove to be a disadvantage. This, and its lack of back seats make it one of the less efficient vehicles in Adopt Me!, especially compared to some of the cheaper buck-costing rivals like the more spacious Tiny Convertible and the faster Muscle Car.


The Flower Wagon is a classic coupe with a semicircular design, a bright pink paint job, darker pink wheel arches, and whitewall tires with equally dark purple hubcaps. One of the Flower Wagon's most distinctive features is the blue and pink flowers painted on the side of the car. The Flower Wagon's design is clearly based on the Volkswagen Type 1, better known as the Beetle. The Beetle was a big symbol of the hippie movement, which is what the Flower Wagon's inclusion in the Spring Festival and colorful flower paint job seem to be referencing.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Very responsive steering. The steering can make sharper turns quite a challenge.
Costs Bucks instead of Robux, making it one of the more easily obtainable limited offer vehicles. The most expensive buck-costing vehicle in the game.
Can become quite valuable over time due to being a limited offer vehicle. Will be hard to obtain since the Spring Festival is over.
Has enough space for a passenger, ideal for another player or pet. Limited passenger space.
Considered very slow.