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The Figgy Pudding Chew Toy is a limited common toy in Adopt Me!. It could be bought during the Winter Holiday (2021) for Gingerbread.png 7,500. As the event has ended, it can now only be obtained by trading.


To interact with this item, a player can click/press their screen to throw the chew toy onto the ground, where an equipped pet would pick it up and chew it.


The Figgy Pudding Chew Toy features a brown pudding topped with white cream, placed on a thin red plate. There are multiple holly berries scattered across the pudding, along with small holly leaves.


  • The Figgy Pudding Chew Toy originally cost Gingerbread.png 9,000. On December 3, 2021, its price was reduced to Gingerbread.png 7,500.