The Farm Shop is one of the shops in Adopt Me! that was released in the Farm Shop Update on February 18 2021 and replaced the Green Groceries. It is located right at the back of the Adoption Island, next to the Safety Hub and a Premium Plot, on the road between the Camping Grounds and the Hot Springs. The shop is run by two NPCs; Justin and Lily.

At the Farm Shop, players can buy various types of foods and beverages; most of which were originally available in the Green Groceries to replenish the hunger and thirst task or to buy Diamond Lavender for taming either Ladybugs, Golden Ladybugs, or Diamond Ladybugs.


This is the list of available items to purchase from the Farm Shop.

Item Image Cost Usage
Diamond Lavender
Diamond Lavender.png
Robux.png 199 When thrown, can tame a Ladybug, Golden Ladybug or Diamond Ladybug.
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk (food).png
Bucks.png 2 Can be drank to replenish the Thirst task.
Water (food).png
Bucks.png 1
Apple AM.png
Bucks.png 1 Can be eaten to replenish the Hunger task.
Cheese (food).png
Bucks.png 2
Ham (food).png
Bucks.png 3
Hotdog (food).png
Bucks.png 2
Raspberry Pie
Raspberry Pie.png
Bucks.png 3
Watermelon (food).png
Bucks.png 2



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