The Farm Egg is a legendary egg that could be purchased in the Gumball Machine for Bucks.png 750. The Farm Egg has spots, ears, and horns, resembling Cow.

The Farm Egg was released on November 22, 2019, and it was the third egg added in the Gumball Machine. It succeeded the Jungle Egg, and was replaced by the Aussie Egg on February 28, 2020.

The Farm Egg is no longer available in the Gumball Machine and can only be obtained through trading with other players who own the Farm Egg, or if a player still has one in their inventory.

Farm Egg Pets

The Farm Egg has a total of nine pets that can be obtained from it. They are the following:

Pet Image Rarity
Chicken Pet.png


Silly Duck
SillyDuck Pet.png
Drake Pet.png
Pig Pet.png
Cow Pet.png
Turkey Pet.png
Llama Pet.png
Owl Pet.png
Crow Pet.png


  • This was the first egg that could be obtained/purchased from the Gumball Machine which featured a common pet.
  • The Farm Egg was the first ever limited egg to have multiple legendary pets. The second was the Aussie Egg.
  • This egg has the most birds out of any other Eggs, having six birds in total.
  • This egg had the most amount of pets out of all the eggs that were available in the Gumball Machine, with a total of nine. However, this was beaten by the Fossil Egg on October 10, 2020, which had twelve pets.
  • This egg has the largest chance of hatching an uncommon pet.

    Farm Egg in-game

Farm Egg in the Gumball Machine

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