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The Family Home is a house in Adopt Me!. It can be bought for Bucks.png 489 (or for Robux.png 99 included in the Starter Pack, which also gives Bucks.png 200 and a Multi-Bike). It has a total of 2 floors and 5 rooms.


The outside of the Family Home has a door on the left, a window on the roof and another beside the door to the right, and a chimney.

When a player buys the house, the second floor will be filled with bedroom items. The first floor contains three rooms; the kitchen, the bathroom and a main room.


  • There is a bigger counterpart of this house, being the Estate.
  • This is one of the cheapest homes (the cheapest one being the Tiny Home).
  • It is the only house that can be purchased with either in-game bucks or Robux (as part of a pack).
  • It is one of the smallest houses (the smallest also being the Tiny Home).
  • It is one of the two houses where you can't throw a party in it, the other one being the Tiny Home.