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The Fall Event (2020) was an event in Adopt Me! which started on October 14, 2020, to celebrate the fall season. The whole of Adoption Island was redone to be fall-themed, with orange, red, and yellow trees and piles of leaves scattered around the map.

The event is centered around the Pool Party. The Pool Party was re-done for a fall theme, and renamed Hot Springs. The Pool Store was also re-done, with a new exterior and interior, but the same items can be purchased, and the NPC Brad is still located in the store. There are 3 pet statues in the Pool Party area, which are a Red Panda, Dragon, and Panda statue. Each statue represents their respective pet. The soccer field was replaced with a pumpkin patch.

Obtainable Items

Item Image Rarity
Leaf Crown
Leaf Crown.png


  • Every player received a Leaf Crown when they joined the game during this event.
  • The Red Panda, Dragon, and Panda are the only pets to have made an appearance as stone statues.
  • After the event ended, it was discovered that the new look for the pool party (the hot springs) was to stay, and would not leave with the fall event.
  • There are also new items to decorate players' houses. These can be found under the 'Fall' category in the house catalog.
  • At the Hot Springs, the Panda and Dragon statue both pour water while the Red Panda statue does not.
  • The Fall 2020 Event was also made to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is an important holiday in East Asian countries.