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The Estate is a house in Adopt Me!. It costs Bucks.png 972 and is the 4th cheapest house. It's considered a good mid-priced house to get, as it has 6 rooms and 2 floors.


The estate has 4 trees outside, 2 bushes, 2 big windows on the bottom, 1 big and 1 tiny window at the top, and windows on the attic plus a door in the middle.

Upon entering, there are 3 rooms with decorative boxes and a staircase that leads upstairs. The upstairs features a bedroom that has 1 bed and a crib with a tree and a bathroom, which is next to the bedroom. When entering, to the left you will see the entrance to the dining room, which leads into the kitchen. From the outside, it looks like it has three floors which it doesn’t unless you build your own floor using the sky area glitch.


  • There is a smaller counterpart of this house, the Family Home. They share a similar exterior, but the Family Home does not show its second floor on the outside.
  • There is a space/room upstairs to the right of the bedroom, it could be used for storage or converting into a bedroom.
  • Commonly, players who have the Estate will often convert downstairs into bedrooms and the upstairs for the living room and/or kitchen.