The Emu is a rare pet that can be hatched from the Aussie Egg. The Aussie Egg can be found in the Gumball Machine in the Pet section of the Nursery. It is one of the rare pets that come out of the Aussie Egg, along with the Australian Kelpie.


In the preview, it has a slightly cream-colored neck and feet with a brown body. Its beak is long and a dark gray/blackish color, with a long neck.

Am emu


Here are the tricks the Emu can learn in order:

  • Sit (Newborn)
  • Lay Down (Junior)
  • Bounce (Pre-Teen)
  • Roll Over (Teen)
  • Backflip (Post-Teen)
  • Dance (Full Grown)

Neon Appearance

In its Neon version, the Emu's beak, wings, and feet all glow an orange color. Everything else stays the same.

Mega Neon Appearance

In the Mega Neon form, the Emu's neon accents rotate through the colors of the rainbow.

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 9.11.27 PM

A Mega Neon Emu


  • It is the fifth pet to have a long neck, with the first being the Flamingo, the second being the Giraffe, the third being the Llama, and the fourth being the Swan.
  • It is the fourth pet out of all the Duck Pets in the game. The Duck Pets include the Swan, Silly Duck, And Drake.
  • An Emu grows wings when flying, like the Silly Duck, Drake and Flamingo, instead of using its actual small wings.
  • It is the only bird from the Aussie Egg.
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