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Elsa is an NPC and a shopkeeper in the Ice Cream Parlor in Adopt Me!. Her purpose is to sell Ice Cream and Golden Goldfish to players.


Elsa has short light pink hair wears an ice cream cone on her head, and wears the "Icey's Worker" outfit, which comes pre-saved when players begin to play Adopt Me!, is accessible through the Dress Up Menu. She wears a pink apron, and a white t-shirt underneath it.


This is what Elsa says when players interact with her:

"Hey, welcome to my new ice cream shop! The local penguins love to hang out here. If you want a penguin of your very own, just feed them a Golden Goldfish! Also look out for the Golden Penguin, he's very particular with what he eats. If you want the best Ice Cream in this part of town, just buy it from Archer... I mean me."


  • Elsa bears her name and appearance because of Elsa from the 2013 movie, Frozen.
  • She does not quite look like Elsa from Frozen. Elsa has white hair, while the Adopt Me! Elsa has pink hair.
  • You can obtain a toy Elsa from the Roblox surprise toys, season 8.
  • Players can wear Elsa’s clothes in the Dress Up section.