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The Easter Event (2021) is an event in Adopt Me! that was released into the game on April 29, 2021. The event brought a new limited Robux.png Robux pet, new furniture, and new pet accessories. The respective NPC for this event is Eggburt, and the main currency of the event is Easter Eggs. They could be obtained by finding the eggs that were scattered around the Adopt Me! map during the day time and exchanged for different pet accessories. When it turned to day time, you would get a pop up that allowed you to start egg hunting. Altogether, there are five items that players can exchange their Easter Eggs for.

The limit of Easter Egg currency per player was up to 600 Easter Eggs each Adopt Me Day. However, the total cost of all the items was 1,600 Easter Eggs.

Players can grind or trade to obtain all the items.

Obtainable Items

Item Cost Rarity Image
Egg Barrette 100 Eggs Uncommon
Egg Barrette.png
Chick Hat 250 Eggs Rare
Chick Hat.png
Chick Backpack 250 Eggs Rare
Chick Backpack.png
Egg Glasses 400 Eggs Ultra-Rare
Egg Glasses.png
Bunny Ear Tiara 600 Eggs Legendary
Bunny Ear Tiara.png


  • This is the third Easter-themed event that was released into the game, with the first two being the 2018 Easter Event and the 2019 Easter Event.
  • During the event, there is a stand in front of the playground where the NPC, Eggburt, can be found.