The Easter Event (2019) was an event in Adopt Me! that took place in April 2019. During this event, players could collect up to 30 Easter Eggs that were found all over the map to buy limited items. There were altogether 9 items that could be found in this event.

There was a stand near the Playground where an NPC called Eggburt resided. These Easter Eggs could be used to obtain limited items, mainly toys, and strollers. However, since the total cost of all the items was 60 Easter Eggs, players had to trade with others to obtain all the items.

At the top of the Sky Castle, players could collect the Broken Egg. If a player talks to Eggburt after obtaining it, he gives the player a Pet Egg, which unlocks the 'Pets' section in a player's inventory. During the Pets update, this egg played a crucial part. Β 

There was also a gamepass that if bought for 99 Robux would give 10 eggs. Β 


Item Cost Rarity Image
Bunny Plush 3 Easter Eggs Uncommon
AM bunny plush
Bunny Stroller 10 Easter Eggs Ultra-Rare
Bunny stroller
Carrot Rattle 4 Easter Eggs Uncommon
AM carrot rattle
Chick Plush 7 Easter Eggs Rare
AM chick plush
Chocolate Bunny Balloon 7 Easter Eggs Rare
AM chocolate bunny balloon
Easter Bunny Plush 7 Easter Eggs Rare
AM easter bunny plush
Easter Egg Stroller 10 Easter Eggs Ultra-Rare
Easter Egg Stroller
Half Egg Stroller 10 Easter Eggs Ultra-Rare
Half Egg Stroller
Rabbit Rattle 2 Easter Eggs Common
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