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The Easter Event (2019) was an event in Adopt Me! which took place in April 2019. It featured limited toys and strollers. The event’s currency was Easter Eggs, which could be exchanged for the event items. Altogether, there were 9 items players could exchange their Easter Eggs for.

The limit of Easter Egg currency per player was up to 30 Easter Eggs. However, the total cost of all the items was 60 Easter Eggs. In order to obtain all the items, players either had to trade or buy the gamepass costing Robux 2019 Logo Black.svg 99. This gamepass gave the player 10 extra Easter Eggs.

The respective NPC for this event was Eggburt.


Collecting regular Easter Eggs

In this event, 30 Easter Eggs were scattered around Adoption Island for players to find and collect. These locations included the School, Baby Shop, and in the middle of the main bridge.

The Easter Eggs, as well as being a form of currency, were also obtainable food items. There were 3 versions of Easter Eggs players could collect: the Patterns Egg, Stripes Egg, and Stars Egg. When players collected the eggs, they appeared in their inventory. Players could have multiple versions of one egg and these stayed in their inventories even after players traded them in for items.

After collecting all 30 Easter Eggs, players could claim a free Massive Gift.

Collecting the Broken Egg

At the top of Sky Castle, players could collect the Broken Egg. If a player talked to the NPC, Eggburt, after obtaining it, the player received a Pet Egg. This version could not hatch into a pet; however, it unlocked the Pets section in a player's inventory. During the Pets update, this egg played a crucial part and was the first item in the Pets section of a player's inventory.

Obtainable Items

Item Cost Rarity Image
Rabbit Rattle 2 Easter Eggs Common
Rabbit Rattle AM.png
Bunny Plush 3 Easter Eggs Uncommon
Bunny Plush.png
Carrot Rattle 4 Easter Eggs Uncommon
Carrot Rattle.png
Chick Plush 7 Easter Eggs Rare
Chick plush.png
Chocolate Bunny Balloon 7 Easter Eggs Rare
Chocolate Bunny Balloon.png
Easter Bunny Plush 7 Easter Eggs Rare
Easter Bunny Plush.png
Bunny Stroller 10 Easter Eggs Ultra-Rare
Bunny Stroller.png
Easter Egg Stroller 10 Easter Eggs Ultra-Rare
Easter Egg Stroller AM.png
Half Egg Stroller 10 Easter Eggs Ultra-Rare
Half Egg Stroller.png
Patterns Egg Free (as long as players collected it) Uncommon
AM Patterns Egg.png
Stripes Egg Free (as long as players collected it) Uncommon
Stripes Egg (food).png
Stars Egg Free (as long as players collected it) Uncommon
AM Stars Egg.png