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The Easter Event (2018) was an event in Adopt Me! that took place from March to April 2018. The currency for this event was Chocolate Eggs. During this event, players could obtain three exclusive items.

The stand where Dr. Eggburt, an NPC, and the items were displayed was located in front of the Hot Air Balloon and next to the Baby Shop.

Every in-game day, players could find Dr. Eggburt in a random location to receive a Chocolate Egg. Hints were given to the players to help them find Dr. Eggburt. Additionally, players could purchase one Chocolate Egg for Bucks.png 50.

Obtainable Items

These are the items that could be obtained and purchased during the event.

Image Name Cost Rarity
AM Chocolate Egg.png
Chocolate Egg Free from finding

Dr. Eggburt or Bucks.png 50

AM Egg Rattle.png
Egg Rattle 1 Chocolate Egg Uncommon
AM Hugging Egg.png
Hugging Egg 5 Chocolate Eggs Rare
AM Egg Stroller.png
Egg Stroller 25 Chocolate Eggs Rare