The Easter 2020 Egg was a free egg that was given during Easter Event 2020 in Adopt Me!. This egg only hatches into a Chick. Just like the Starter Egg, this item is not tradeable and players could only get one of these per account. If players hatches the egg, they were rewarded with the Adopt Me, Chick! Egg for Roblox avatar customization. It would automatically be placed in the player's inventory. Since Easter 2020 has passed, the Easter 2020 Egg is no longer obtainable. This egg was given to players for the Official Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2020 and was available from April 7th to April 28th.


The only pet players can obtain from the Easter Egg is the Chick, which is permanently untradeable.

Pet Image Rarity
Chick Pet.png


The Easter 2020 Egg represents a yellow, chick-like head with an orange beak, 2 black eyes, and some pink blush. It also has some fluff to the top of its structure.

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