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The Duck Rattle is a common toy in Adopt Me! that could be purchased from the Baby Shop for Bucks.png 100. It could be found on display next to the Squid Rattle in the Baby Shop. When purchasing, the player has the ability to choose a color for the handle. However, after the color has been chosen, it cannot be changed later on or when the toy is traded. It was removed from the game on June 24, 2021 and can only be obtained through trading.


The Duck Rattle features a yellow duck with an orange beak, beady black, and white eyes. It is held up by a white rattle.


While equipped and moving, it leaves behind a yellow trail. Like every other rattle, the Duck Rattle serves no certain purpose and is only a cosmetic item. To interact with this toy, a player clicks their screen to shake it back and forth.