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The Dress Your Pets Live Event was the first live event in Adopt Me!. It occurred on April 11, 2020, at 11:50 AM ET to celebrate the new pet accessories.

During this event, around 1.6 million players played Adopt Me! and it caused Roblox to briefly crash, but after a while, players were able to log back on and obtain many new pet accessories to dress their pets.

Live Event

The live event took place near the Hospital. It was broadcasted to players in-game with the message, "Something big is happening at the hospital."

If the players went to the Hospital, they would have seen Burt fishing and saying oddly random things. Burt fished up the Hat Shop, which hidden under the river; here, a player could collect key pieces for the Founder's Crown.

After the Hat Shop rose out of the river and the countdown ended, the game shut down for the update. The update brought the ability for players to dress their pets with pet accessories, but when the game shut down, Roblox crashed and nobody could play for a few moments. Some players lost their data due to the crash.


  • The Dress Your Pets Live Event was the first Adopt Me! live event. The one after was Fossil Isle, which was the event for the Fossil Eggs.
  • In this update, the icons for Neon, Fly, and/or Ride pets changed. The order of the icons changed as well; the abbreviation "FNR" (Fly Neon Ride) changed to "NFR" (Neon Fly Ride).
  • Players could get the Founder's Crown by unlocking The Vault in the Pet Shop. This was a preview for the release of this event.
  • This was another time Adopt Me! broke Roblox records, as it is the first and only game has ever crashed all of Roblox, aside from Roblox Piggy.
  • During this event, Adopt Me! broke the record for the second highest amount of concurrent players in-game.