Dragon Train

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The Dragon Train is a five-seater legendary vehicle in Adopt Me! that was released during the 2022 Lunar New Year Event. It could be obtained by purchasing it for Bucks.png 10,500. As the event has ended, it can now only be obtained by trading.


The Dragon Train features a red and yellow vehicle that resembles the Dancing Dragon. It has five seats, one being the head and the rest being a part of the body; the end seat connects to a pointed tail. Each seat is colored a vibrant red with yellow scales patterned across. Below each seat, there are small red wheels with yellow rims. The vehicle has white smoke coming out of the dragon's mouth, resembling a fire breathing dragon.


Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Able to seat up to five passengers. Large size.
Easy to control. Very expensive.
Has smoke effect. Unable to spawn in small areas.
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