The Dragon Balloon is an uncommon toyย inย Adopt Me!ย which resembles a blue Dragon. When held, it allows a player to jump higher, just like many other balloons. It came out as one of the prizes from Small Gift, Big Gift, or Massive Gift from the old Gifts rotation. It is now unobtainable unless via trading or already having one in your inventory. It looks exactly like the Dragon, but instead of red, it is blue and on a string.

Scammers will convince players that this is a reskin of the Dragon. A way to avoid this is to check whether the rarity is legendary or if there is a string attached to it.


  • The string of the Dragon Balloon looks like the background in the trade square, so don't let that fool you into thinking it is a reskin of the Dragon.
  • There is a glitch for this Dragon Balloon where if a player wears one of the lava monster morphs in the dress up, and then resets, a blue stick will appear extending above and below the balloon, which can be made longer by repeating this process. Sometimes, only when the player is outside, if they jump afterward, they will jump really high and never fall down.
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