Not to be confused with Doug.

TheΒ Douglas is a two-seated Legendary Vehicle obtainable in the Supercars Pack or via trading.

The only way to obtain the Douglas other than trading is by purchasing the Supercars pack, which means it comes bundled with Tiffany and the Axel. There is no way to purchase the Douglas as a standalone vehicle.

Handling & Speed

The Douglas, being a supercar, has impressive acceleration and speed. This however is largely contrasted to it's very poor handling. The Douglas is comparable to the GoKart in terms of use, as both can reach really fast speeds but have poor handling. In terms of usability, the Douglas is more efficient than the GoKart due to it having a passenger seat. The Douglas' speed and handling also matches with the other two supercars, as they are in fact mere reskins of each other and don't have any distinguishing features other than their name and appearance.


The Douglas is an orange supercar, with white windows, black tires, white headlights and a color-matching wing. It also has a lip splitter. The car is clearly based off of the Mclaren P1 LM.


Pros Cons
Can seat you and another player Costs Robux
Fast Speed Expensive in terms of robux
Good Turning Poor Handling


  • To match with all the other vehicles in the pack, the Douglas is facing forward in it's backpack image. This makes it the only vehicle to have it's backpack image taken from that angle.
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