Not to be confused with Douglas.

Doug is the seller of the Cracked Egg in Adopt Me!. He wears a dog costume and is always smiling. When you talk to him, he barks, stating that you can understand him even though he is a dog.


Dialogue when spoken to:

"Woof! Woof! *He looks at the egg and points* Woof! *He gestures for you to buy an egg* Woof! Woof! *He looks sad as if he'll be upset if you don't buy an egg* Woof! Woof! *He notices that you understand him...* Woof! Woof! *but he's just barking... maybe you're part dog?* Woof!"


  • Doug's name could be based on the American TV show Doug.
  • If you talk to Sir Woofington, he mentions that during an experiment, his brain and Doug's brain swapped, making Doug as a human with the brains of a dog so Doug has the brain of a dog.



Sir Woofington as a human, while Doug is a dog

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Doug's Shop

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