The Donut Shop is a House in Adopt Me! that costs Bucks 1,299. It comes with 7 rooms, which include a bathroom, a living room, a tiny kitchen, and a recreational spot that is loosely decorated to feature a disco room.


The Donut Shop consists of a small, tiny looking exterior, with a fair number of green trees scattered around the outer spots. Beside these trees stand long, thin columns in which lead up to a slanting, striped cloth. From there, the flat white roof features a single large donut, the highlight of the whole building.

The inside comes with some donut-themed furniture alongside several spacious rooms. Cash registers, donuts, icing, and seating are all part of this arrangement. In the kitchen features a fridge, microwave and donuts. Upstairs contains a dance floor and a DJ booth.


  • On the very tip of the Donut Shop stands a donut which the player can color-customize. By changing the colour of their house, the player would be able to change the color of the donut frosting.
  • It has 2 floors, and both are reasonably large.
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