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Not to be confused with Donut Unicycle.

The Donut Cycle is a limited legendary single-seater vehicle in Adopt Me! which used to be available as a prize from an old gift rotation in the 2019 Santa's Gift Display. It is now only obtainable through trading.


The Donut Cycle is a bright pink monocycle with a white inner wheel, pink steering wheel, and donut-shaped seating. It is similar to its counterpart, the Monocycle, with the only differences being the color and the seat. While the Monocycle has an engine, the Donut Cycle has a seat shaped like a pink frosted donut.


The Donut Cycle is a donut-themed version of the Monocycle and behaves as such. The Donut Cycle drives at a reasonably fast rate with an incredibly sharp turning radius and can prove to be a capable transporter despite its single-seat limitation.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fast. No longer obtainable, unless from trading.
Easy to control. Can seat only 1 player, so players cannot ride with other players.
Good turning.