The Donut is a non-limited common food item in Adopt Me! which is consumable by parents, babies, and pets. It takes 3 bites for a parent/baby to finish a donut and can fulfill the 'Hunger' ailment.

Donuts can be bought in the furniture catalog in houses for Bucks.png 45. Once purchased and placed, players can collect an unlimited amount of Donuts from the platter.

A player holding a Donut.


The Donut features a beige-colored rings on a yellow-white platter.

Additionally, players can also buy frosting extensions for Donuts in the furniture catalog. Once equipped, they can interact with any of the three placed extensions as 'frosting' for the top of their Donut. The frosting comes in the colors of white, pink, and dark brown; presumably the flavors vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.

The player can then choose to buy the Donut oven in the catalog to bake their donut. Placing the donut in the oven causes it to become a darker beige, then a burnt brown if the player decides to put their donut in the oven multiple times.


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