The Dogmobile was a legendary three-seater vehicle available as a prize in Santa's Gift Display. It costed Bucks 99, Bucks 199, Bucks 499 in the respective gifts. It is no longer in the gifts rotation and is now only available by trading.

Handling & Speed

The Dogmobile is a rather long vehicle, and its handling and speed reflect that. It cruises gently along the road and it is mostly unbothered by most bumps, and its turning is just as gentle. Its shape also makes it difficult to flip over, compared to the Banana Car. The Dogmobile has the tendency to fling people into the air when crashing into them, much like the Traveling House.


The Dogmobile is a long vehicle that has the appearance of a light brown sausage dog/dachshund sticking its tongue out. The dog's face is similar to the in-game Dog and all the other dog-themed items. The Dogmobile has a rather basic design, lacking headlights, seats, or a steering wheel.


The Dogmobile in a player's inventory

Dogmobile night

The Dogmobile at night

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Fairly quick for its size Can fling people in the air when crashed
Good turning and handling No longer available; it can only be obtained through trading.
A legendary It is very hard to flip over compared to the Banana Car and others
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