Doctor Heart is an NPC in Adopt Me!. She serves the purpose of healing the Babies and pets in your family. She can be found in the Hospital along with the other NPC, Nurse Knee.


The following is the dialogue which Doctor Heart speaks when you talk to her:

"It's nice to see you again, [username]!" Then, a pop-up appears on your screen stating, 'Ask Doctor Heart to heal your family?' with two options, 'Yes' and 'No'. If you select the 'Yes' option Doctor Heart says, "Healing your family..." and your family is healed! (NOTE: It actually heals everybody in the small room, regardless if you are in a family or not.) However, if you select the 'No' option she says, "Come back if you ever feel sick!"


  • She is one of the five NPC's that do not sell anything - with the other four being Nurse Knee, NewFissy, Anna, and Pet Trainer Shane.
  • She has brown hair and wears a doctor’s coat and mask resembling her job as a Doctor.
  • She is often the most visited way in healing a player's sickness as it only takes around 5 - 8 seconds to heal.
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