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Doctor Heart is an NPC in Adopt Me!. She serves the purpose of healing the Babies and pets in a family. She can be found in the Hospital along with the other NPC, Nurse Knee.


Doctor Heart has brown hair with a bun tied by a red bow on the right side of her hair, a doctor’s coat, a head mirror on her head, and a mask resembling her job as a doctor.


The following is the dialogue which Doctor Heart speaks when you talk to her:

"It's nice to see you again, [username]!" Then, a pop-up appears on your screen stating, 'Ask Doctor Heart to heal your family?' with two options; 'Yes' and 'No'.

When the 'Yes' option is selected, Doctor Heart says,

"Healing your family..." then a white halo, similar to a loading circle, appears on top of the said player's heads, and your family is healed. (NOTE: It heals everybody in the small room, regardless if you are in a family or not.)

However, if the 'No' option is selected she says,

"Come back if you ever feel sick!"