The Dingo is a Uncommon pet obtainable from hatching an Aussie Egg, which can be bought from the Nursery with 750 BucksΒ 



The Dingo bears a similar appearance to the Shiba Inu (with its coloring), and the Wolf (with its physical appearance), with brownish-beige fur. The underbelly, however, is a lighter shade.

Neon Version

The neon version of the Dingo glows bright lime-green in its triangular ears, on its paws, the tip of the nose, and all over the tail.


Here are the tricks the Dingo learns in order:

Sit - Newborn

Lay down - Junior

Bounce - Pre-teen

Roll over - Teen

Dance 1 - Post-teen

Dance 2 - Full-grown

Mega Neon Version

The Mega Neon Dingo glows rainbow in its triangular ears, paws, nose, and tail.
As you can see in the picture the color goes from red to a almost green but yellow.
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