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The Didgeridoo is a rare toy in Adopt Me! that can be obtained when a player has accumulated 360 stars in the Star Rewards. It can also be obtained through trading.


The Didgeridoo is a long cylindrical tube that is engraved with blue, red, and white rings.


The Didgeridoo produces a low-pitched drone when used, similar to the sounds of an actual Didgeridoo. It serves no purpose other than being a fun musical instrument to play.


  • This is one of three instruments that can be obtained from the Star Rewards, with the other two being the Trumpet and the Steel Drum.
  • When interacted with, the Didgeridoo makes the player sit down, unlike the other instruments.
  • The Didgeridoo is an instrument that originated in Australia.
  • A virtuosic Didgeridoo player adds vocalizations to the instrument. Most of the vocalizations are related to sounds emitted by Australian animals, such as the Dingo or the Kookaburra.