The Diamond Egg was released on March 20, 2020, along with the Golden Egg, as part of the Star Rewards update. The Diamond Egg has a chance of hatching one of three pets. The pets you can hatch from this egg are a Diamond Griffin, Diamond Dragon, or a Diamond Unicorn. The pets are all retextured versions of the Griffin, Dragon, or Unicorn. It is a legendary egg, but unlike most of the legendary eggs, a legendary is guaranteed to be hatched. After the Golden Egg is obtained, the player keeps their login streak, but their stars will reset. All the Star Rewards are the same except instead of a Golden Egg as the last reward, a Diamond Egg takes its place. A player must earn 660 stars again to obtain the Diamond Egg, resulting in a total of 1320 star needed to obtain the Diamond Egg.

To obtain a Diamond Egg, the Golden Egg must be obtained first.

Diamond Pets

Pet Image Rarity
Diamond Griffin

A Diamond Griffin.

Diamond Dragon

A Diamond Dragon.

Diamond Unicorn
Fnr uni di


  • It has a 100% chance of hatching a legendary pet.
  • Like the Golden Egg, it has re-textured 3 previous legendary pets, the UnicornDragon, and Griffin.
  • It takes approximately 480 days (about 14 months) / a year and two months to claim this egg.
  • You claim the Diamond Egg upon your second time completing your star rewards streak.
  • No one has claimed the Diamond Egg yet. However, some admins have diamond pets.
  • A player once obtained a Neon Diamond Unicorn, but is no longer able to play Adopt Me! due to getting banned for having an impossible item. (Neon Diamond Unicorn)
  • It is estimated near the Fall of 2021, some people may have unlocked the Diamond Egg.
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