The Dalmatian (formerly known as the Santa Dog) is an ultra-rare pet that cost Robux 250. Today, you can only obtain it by trading.

It was added into the game on Christmas as part of the Christmas Event (2019) and was only available for a few days before it went off-sale.

It is one of the eight pet dog variations, including the Dalmatian, the ultra-rare Shiba Inu, the uncommon Chocolate Labrador, the common Dog, the uncommon Blue Dog, the rare Australian Kelpie, the uncommon Dingo, uncommon Wolf the event pet Scoob.
Santa Dog

The Santa Dog in a player's inventory

As of April 11, 2020, following the Dress Your Pets update, the Santa Dog was changed to a Dalmatian and it no longer wears the Santa Hat. Players that owned the Santa Dog would keep the Santa Hat, which they can put on their Dalmatian or on any other pet they have. The Santa Hat is classified as ultra-rare.


The Dalmatian is a remodel of the Dog, but white with black dots. It used to be a Dalmatian with a Santa Hat. Now you can trade the Santa Hat separately from the Dalmatian.

Neon Appearance

Roblox 5 5 2020 5 55 39 PM

A player riding a Neon Dalmation

The Neon Dalmatian's ears and feet glow bright mint green, as you can see in this picture. As a Neon Santa Dog, the Dalmatian's red Santa Hat also glowed bright red.

After the Dress Your Pets Live Event update though, the Santa hat does not glow anymore.

IMG 0998

A player riding a Mega Neon Dalmatian


  • Sit - Newborn
  • Lay Down - Junior
  • Bounce - Pre-Teen
  • Roll Over - Teen
  • Backflip - Post-Teen
  • Dance - Full Grown
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