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The Daily Reward is a reward earned by logging into Adopt Me! up to every 15 hours.

It was added in the Star Rewards Update during March 20, 2020 to encourage daily login streaks.

Players who already had a login streak before the Star Rewards Update received stars. The more days on a player's streak, the more stars they earn, earning them more rewards. Conversely, if a player forgets to login for 2 consecutive days and breaks the streak, then the player has to start all over again.

This system also allows players to claim the following days' reward early. Players would have to wait for 1 day and 15 hours if they collected tomorrow's reward early. If players did not collect tomorrow's reward early, they could collect the Daily Reward anytime up to 15 hours. Previously, players could only collect after the 15 hour limit. However, Adopt Me! changed this so it would be optimal to other players' schedules.

Players can see the number of days they've been on the game in the bottom corner of their screen or by looking at the sign in front of their home.


Every five days, a Small, Big, or Massive Gift, as well as an amount of either 5, 10, 15, or 20 stars will be awarded to the player, and the pattern will start over. The Gifts would rotate from Small, Big, to Massive (every five days) if the player keeps their streak.

The stars will go towards the Star Rewards, where players can claim rewards such as toys, pets, vehicles for maintaining a good login streak. Every 30 days, players will be awarded with a free Cracked Egg.

It can also show outside the player's house on a little panel. If players have already collected their daily reward it will then say this example:

"Next reward in Xh Ym Zs"

(X for hours, Y for minutes, and Z for seconds)

The time can be from 00h 00m 00s to 15h 00m 00s

Day Reward
Every 1st day Bucks.png 25
Adopt Me! Day 1 Rewards.png
Every 2nd day Bucks.png 50
Adopt Me! Day 2 Rewards.png
Every 3rd day Bucks.png 100
Adopt Me! Day 3 Rewards.png
Every 4th day Bucks.png 200
Adopt Me! Day 4 Rewards.png
Day 5 A Small Gift and 10-20 stars
Adopt Me! Day 5 Rewards.png
Day 10 A Big Gift and 10-20 stars
Adopt Me! Day 10 Rewards.png
Day 15 A Massive Gift and 15-20 stars
Adopt Me! Rewards Day 15.png
Day 30 A Cracked Egg
Adopt Me! Day 30 Reward.png