The Creator Rattle (Bethink) is an uncommon toy in Adopt Me!, that was released in previous rotation of gifts. At the time of release, there were two variations of this toy. The Creator Rattle (NewFissy), and this rattle, Creator Rattle (Bethink). These two rattles are very similar, with the only difference being that one of the creators were on top of this. This rattle is not obtainable anymore and can only be obtained through trading. It’s one of the oldest rattles in the game along with the Christmas Cat Rattle, Creator Rattle (NewFissy), Anna Rattle and the Money Rattle. To interact with this toy, a player clicks their screen to shake it back and forth.


It does not serve any other purpose other than a toy to play with.

It also is modeled after Bethink, the creative and loyal director of Adopt Me!.

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