The Cracked EggΒ is a common pet egg that costs 350 BucksΒ and is the least expensive egg that is currently available in the Nursery. It is most likely to hatch into a Common Pet (45%).

Additionally, there was a Broken Egg (with the exact appearance of a Cracked Egg) that was first obtainable during the Easter Event 2018, before the initialization of pets to Adopt Me!. In order to obtain the Broken Egg during the Easter Event, the player must have flown to the top of the sky tower, as high as the very small, but the central orb of light up top. The broken egg is a food item and cannot be hatched unlike the cracked egg. The Cracked Egg can also be obtained with the daily rewards where if the player login every 30 days straight, they will receive a Cracked Egg for free.

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