Not to be confused with Tiny Convertible.

The Convertible is as a two-seater rare vehicle that used to be available for purchase in the Car Showroom for Bucks 2100. The Convertible is no longer available to buy and can only be obtained through trading.

The Convertible was presumably replaced with the Muscle Car, as that is now the fastest and most expensive car that is currently available in the showroom, although it less expensive than the Convertible, costing Bucks 1800.


The Convertible used to be the second fastest vehicle that players could buy in Adopt Me!, only beaten by the GoKart. As more vehicles were added, however, the Convertible became less unique, and combined with the fact that it was too expensive for new players to obtain and that it only had two seats, made it a bad offer even compared to it's cheaper counterparts like the Car. It was eventually completely removed from the Car Showroom sometime in late 2018 when it was later replaced by the Muscle Car.


The old design of the Convertible was a very basic, blocky design, similar to that of the Car's old design, but without a roof. The Convertible got remodeled in 2018 to better resemble a modern real life convertible. Its new design mostly resembles a Nissan 370z roadster. The car's color could be changed.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Decent speed Slower than the Muscle Car.
Turning is easy No longer obtainable
2 seats Seating capacity might not be adequate to players that often play with friends.



A picture of a player inside of the Convertible.


  • Despite the Convertible costing more than the Muscle Car, it is only a rare, whilst the Muscle Car is an ultra-rare.
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