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The Container Home is a three-story house that was released in Adopt Me! on April 2, 2021. It can be purchased for Bucks.png 1,800.


The Container Home’s exterior features a modern house with two gray solar panels on its roof and glowing, silver-framed windows along its sides.

It has two balconies, each of them surrounded by thin brown railings; there is a small piece-by-piece ladder players can use to access the second balcony. While the first balcony does not have any decoration, the second has three green trees, as well as a wire that connects to the roof.

Inside the Container Home, there are three sets of stairs and five rooms; each of these rooms are spacious and have high ceilings. Upon purchase, each of these rooms hold furniture items by default. Throughout the house, there are several loaves of decorative bread, tall windows, and small beds. The room to the right of the entrance is stocked with a single fridge and a counter.

The Container Home’s exterior color can be customized in accordance to the owner's preference, just like many other houses.