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The Coffee Shop is one of the shops in Adopt Me! that can be found at the Adoption Island, near the entrance of the Neighborhood, next to the playground. The exterior features a red mug with white foam bubbling out of the top to represent a cup of hot coffee. The shop is run by two NPCs; Archer and Beetrice.

At the Coffee Shop, players can purchase warm beverages, such tea and coffee to replenish the β€˜thirst’ ailment and to buy Honey for taming either Bees, King Bees, or Queen Bees.

Easter Eggs

The Noob standing behind Archer.

In the Coffee Shop, there is a seemingly faceless noob behind where Archer stands, that is usually hidden from the player, although there is a known glitch that you can use to see it.


These are the items that can or could have been bought from the Coffee Shop.

Item Usage Picture Cost Available Right Now?
Coffee Can be drank to replenish the Thirst task
Coffee AM.png
Bucks.png 3 βœ“
Tea AM.png
Bucks.png 2 βœ“
Cookie Can be eaten to replenish the Hunger task and gives a temporary speed boost
Cookie AM.png
Bucks.png 20 βœ—
Honey When thrown, can tame a Bee, King Bee or Queen Bee
Honey AM.png
Robux.png 199 βœ“


Main article: Honey
Honey is the easiest way to obtain one of the three bees, a Bee, a King Bee or a Queen Bee. You have a 35/40 chance of getting a normal bee, a 4/40 chance of getting a King Bee, and a 1/40 chance of getting a Queen Bee.


  • The Coffee shop was the second shop to get an upgrade with pets, the first being the Ice Cream Parlor