The Coffee Shop is one of the shops in Adopt Me! that can be found at the Adoption Island, near the entrance of the Neighborhood.

This is where you can either buy drinks(coffee)or buy Honey for taming either Bees, King Bees, or Queen Bees.

The shop is run by both Archer and Beetrice.

Easter Eggs

In the Coffee Shop, there is a seemingly faceless noob behind where Archer stands that is usually hidden from the player.


These are the items that can be bought in the coffee shop.

Item Usage Picture Cost Available Right Now?
Coffee Pets or players can drink it to relieve thirst.
Bucks 3 βœ“
Bucks 2 βœ“
Cookie For eating and extra speed
Bucks 20 βœ—
Honey For taming a Bee, King Bee and Queen Bee.
Robux 199 βœ“


Main article: Honey
Honey is the easiest way to obtain one of the three bees, a Bee, a King Bee or a Queen Bee. You have a 35/40 chance of getting a normal bee, a 4/40 chance of getting a King Bee, and a 1/40 chance of getting a Queen Bee.

Types of bees

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List for taming a Bee

RobloxScreenShot20200327 164832823

Inside Of The Coffee Shop 1

RobloxScreenShot20200327 164840571

Inside Of The Coffee Shop 2

RobloxScreenShot20200327 164910289

Inside Of The Coffee Shop 3

RobloxScreenShot20200327 164923390

Inside Of The Coffee Shop 4


Archer in the Coffee Shop

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