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Please read the Rules and Guidelines for a full understanding of the rules and what is expected in the wiki community.

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Updated: August 30, 2021 (UTC)

Any volunteer a part of the Adopt Me! Wiki shall follow the Code of Conduct, effective July 18, 2020 00:00:00 UTC.

Expectations from Everyone

The Staff Code of Conduct ("Code") applies to all of us voluntarily working for Adopt Me! Wiki worldwide, regardless of our location, role, or level of seniority. This includes all volunteers, Adopt Me! Experts, Report Team, Moderators, and Administrators (also referred to as the β€œWiki Team”).

We are always accountable for our actions and our responsibility is to be informed about the requirements of the Code and to ask questions if clarifications are needed. No one, regardless of how senior in the Wiki Team, is entitled to violate the Code or to give instructions to do so. Failure to comply with the Code by any volunteer is treated very seriously and may result in consequences, up to and including termination. All volunteers a part of the Wiki Team shall follow the following Staff Core Values: Teamwork, Communication, Quality, and Integrity.

Human Rights, Diversity, and Inclusion

We believe in every member of our team and we always treat each other with dignity and respect. We value the diversity of the workforce and strive to ensure an inclusive environment. The basis for recruitment and position promotions is qualifications, skills, performance, and experience. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination of harassment based on race, sex, color, national or social origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, or any other status protected by the U.S. federal law.

Reasonable Use of Adopt Me! Wiki Assets

The Adopt Me! Wiki (also referred as β€œWiki”) assets (for example, HTML code, wikitext, CSS Code, Module Codes, Abuse Filter, Templates, Staff Discord Server) are there to conduct its organization and are provided to you to do your tasks in the most efficient way. Volunteer time and intellectual property (anything created and used in Adopt Me! Wiki) must be used in the best way possible for the Adopt Me! Wiki.

We allow the use of Adopt Me! Wiki assets for personal purposes and benefits as followed by the CC-BY-SA, granting the broad permissions to the general public to re-distribute and re-use Adopt Me! Wiki assets freely for any purpose, including commercial use as long as Attribution is transparently clarified.

Protection of Information and Operational Assets

Adopt Me! Wiki relies on its data within the Wiki Team and internal communications (also referred to as β€œStaff Discord Communications”) to achieve the objective for the Wiki.

We are each responsible for ensuring that we always operate in a secure way, limiting the risk of any leakage or loss of data of any damage or misuse of our Staff Discord Communications. We should be careful in protecting the Wiki’s confidential data that refers to any information that the Wiki Team has not disclosed or made general available to the public and that, if disclosed, could harm the interests of Adopt Me! Wiki.

Statements of Behalf of the Wiki Team

When you participate in the Wiki or any social media platform, do not state personal opinions on behalf of the Wiki team unless you are authorized to do so. Do not attack or malign personally or as a group of any person, wiki, organization, user, volunteer, colleague, or any other human.

Dealing with Users

We always treat fairly with users and colleagues. No one should take advantage of any user or colleague through deceptions, abuse of privilege information, abuse of volunteer position, or other unfair treatment. When you deal with any user or colleague, you should always put the Wiki interest and protocols first, above any personal preferences. It is a violation to try to favor a particular user or colleague in any of their efforts (for example, appealing, staff application, community involvement) with the Wiki.

Conflicts of Interest

Conflict of interest impairs our ability to act and perform at best. A conflict of interest arises when your personal activities, interests, or relationships interfere, or appear to interfere, with your professional duties as an Administrator or volunteer of Adopt Me! Wiki or your ability to act in the best interest of Adopt Me! Wiki. Even in any situation where you do not receive personal benefit, the appearance of a conflict of interest may negatively impact your credibility.

You must proactively notify the Chief Compliance Officer through DMs of any relationships or interests that could conflict or appear to conflict with the performance of your tasks for the Wiki. All notifications are treated confidentially.

It is not possible to define all situations or relationships which may create a conflict of interest, so each situation must be evaluated individually. Keep in mind that conflict-of-interest situations can be resolved by open discussion and transparency. A conflict of interest is not necessarily a Code violation, however, not disclosing it is.

Inactivity Policy

Resting periods may be requested if needed for any personal reasons. Resting periods will be granted by an administrator when the following has been stated and no more: state the duration of your resting period and describe the reason of rest request. Request of break period can be only valid if it relates to any personal reasons. Anyone in the higher position shall not be allowed to ask anything further than a statement of a personal reason.

All volunteers are expected to report their absence. Any volunteer classified under "Unexpected Hiatus" will be subject to investigation by the Ethics and Compliance Team.

Conditions for Unexpected Hiatus

If an Adopt Me! Expert has not had...

  • an edit within the last two months; or
  • messaged within three months in the Staff Communications Server.

If a Content Moderator has not had...

  • done a warning request, block request, block action, or a report in the last month;
  • an edit within the last two months; or
  • messaged within three months in the Staff Communications Server.

If a Discussion Moderator has not had...

  • done a warning request, block request, block action, or a report in the last month; or
  • messaged within three months in the Staff Communications Server.

If a Report Team Member has not had...

  • done a report in the last month; or
  • messaged within three months in the Staff Communications Server.


  1. The volunteer in violation will be consulted by a Wiki Administrator.
  2. The volunteer shall reply within 72 hours. If this is not satisfied, the volunteer shall be subjected for termination.

Compliance Program

All users must follow procedures when any action is needed to improve the Wiki and the safety of any user part of the Wiki.

Discussion Moderator and Content Moderator

Any Discussion Moderator or Content Moderator will be able to issue Warnings followed by the Warning Scheme in the Rules and Guidelines document. Additionally, by administration agreement, any Discussion Moderator or Content Moderator, who is not under Training, have the privileges to block any user, not part of the Wiki Team, only for the violation of evading block from another account.


Any Administrator shall follow the Warning Scheme and Blocking Scheme in the Rules and Guidelines document.

Administrators may also change any settings in the Staff Discord Communications if it is necessary to improve any moderation or if it in general consensus by the administration team, of which this agreement must be clearly shown and posted anywhere in the Staff Discord Communications.

Administrators will also be able to change the any factor of the moderator system (e.g., allowing moderators to block for any rule or entirely) but only through thorough discussion and with a transparently posted agreement.

Appeal Team

Any volunteer a part of the Appeal Team in the Wiki Team shall not show any signs of any violation to the Code when evaluating appeal requests.

An Administrator may carry out a vote when a particular percentage has been reached for votes, where the percentage is calculated by the number of votes over the number of volunteers in the appeal team. The appeal can be carried out when it matches one of the following conditions:

  • 66% of votes that are ONLY in favor of lifting a user’s block completely β€” lift block, mark the appeal statement as accepted in the Discord Staff Communications, and inform the user through their Block Notice
  • 66% of votes that are in favor of lifting a user’s block AND shortening a user’s block β€” shorten the block by half of its time, mark the appeal statement as accepted in the Discord Staff Communications, and inform the user through their Block Notice.
  • If there are not enough volunteers to fulfill the number of votes needed to lift or shorten a block β€” mark the appeal statement as denied in the Discord Staff Communications and inform the user.
Other Subgroups

Any other volunteers not a Discussion Moderator, Content Moderator, or an Administrator shall follow up with the lead or any other Administrator represented for your subgroup.

Violation of the Staff Code of Conduct

Any volunteer a part of the Wiki Team must follow any stated policy or conduct listed in the Code.

Any suspicions or occurred event that violates the Code will be investigated by the Ethics and Compliance Team and any member of the Wiki Team will be subject to interrogation if needed to fulfill a case. Any information in the Staff Discord Communications or the Wiki can be used for any open cases.

If the investigation demonstrates proof of a user violating the Staff Code of Conduct, the user will be subject for any consequences stated and agreed by the Wiki Administration Team, up to termination from position.