Co-op Building Stand

The Co-op Building Stand is a stand in Adopt Me! where you can add another player as a builder for your house. You need to add a budget to the stand so that the said player(s) can build.



170 Bucks

Testbuilder123 can now add furniture with 170 bucksΒ to your house without removing previous items you put in there.


  • It is the third item for your house that is free, the first being the Halloween candy bowl, and second being the 2019 Christmas Tree.
  • Builders cannot remove items that you previously put in your house, nor can they change the flooring or the wallpaper.
  • Once you leave the game, when you come back your builders cannot select furniture that they previously put in your house before you left.
  • On the table, there are two statements written on white paper, presumably to help people who have never used it before.
    • The first one says: Be careful! Builders can spend the whole budget!
    • The second one says: Builders can't delete old furniture!
  • A glitch with this item was discovered by Cbeo, an Adopt Me! YouTuber where you could get unlimited money. However, this was removed from the game and Cbeo was banned.



The Settings on the Co-Op Building

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