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The Co-op Building Stand is a furniture item in Adopt Me! that allows players to add another player as a builder for their house. In order for other builders to edit your house, you must to add a budget to the stand.



Bucks.png 170

Testbuilder123 can now add furniture with Bucks.png 170 to your house without removing previous items you put in there.


  • It is the third house furniture item that can be obtained for free, the first being the Halloween Candy Bowl, and the second being the 2019 Christmas Tree.
  • Builders cannot delete items that the owner previously put in their house, and can't change the flooring or the wallpaper.
  • After leaving the game, co-op builders cannot select furniture that they previously put in your house before you left.
  • On the table, there are two statements written on white paper, presumably to help people who have never used it before.
    • The first one says: Be careful! Builders can spend the whole budget!
    • The second one says: Builders can't delete old furniture!