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The Clown Car is a limited ultra-rare, two-seater vehicle in Adopt Me! that could be obtained from Monkey Boxes previously located in the Monkey Fairground. There is a 3.33% chance of obtaining it from a regular Monkey Box and a 6.66% from a Premium Monkey Box, if a player still has one. It can also be obtained through trading.


Unlike most other vehicles in Adopt Me!, the Clown Car has a rather cartoonish and exaggerated design, which is presumably meant to reflect the car's light-hearted circus theme.

The Clown Car is disproportionately large for what is meant to resemble a compact car, with equally large wheels covered by blue wheel arches and circular headlights located outside of the car's main body. The car also features an equally sizeable front fender, which is so large that it dwarfs the grille located right above it. A large air horn is present on the roof of the vehicle, presumably intended to be used as the Clown Car's horn; however, it is merely there for aesthetic purposes and cannot be used in-game. The wheels of the Clown Car stand out, having a unique set of whitewall tires that have a yellow tint, with bright red stars in the middle of them. The main body of the Clown Car is a bright red color with random yellow shapes adorned throughout, with light-blue-colored side mirrors that match the color of the fenders.

The Clown Car is the only standard automobile to not feature fully transparent windows. The windshield has a distinct blue tint compared to the side windows. Despite what its large size might suggest, it only has space for one extra passenger, making it unsuitable for mass transportation.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Two seats, room for one passenger besides the driver. Slow and tends to lag.
Easy to control. Monkey Boxes, from which the Clown Car can be obtained from, was only available for a limited time during the Monkey Fairground event.
Terrible maneuverability, especially on corners.
Only a 3.33% or 6.66% chance of obtaining it from a Monkey Box.