The Cloud Car is a single-seat legendary vehicle in Adopt Me! that used to be available as a legendary prize in the November 2018 Gifts rotation.


The Cloud Car is a small white cloud that levitates slightly off the ground and leaves behind a unique rainbow trail. It contains only one seat, no steering wheel, and no wheels. Despite being a cloud, it cannot fly, and it is only restricted to floating.

In the inventory, the Cloud Car has a classic rainbow stretching from left to right. However, the Cloud Car doesn't actually have a rainbow on top of it during normal gameplay, though the rainbow in its icon probably hints at the rainbow trail that it leaves behind. 

The Cloud Car has a typical cartoon-type appearance, although it could be based on the Nimbus Cloud from the Dragon Ball series, as it is a magic cloud that Goku uses for transportation and also leaves a trail behind it. However the Cloud Car is white rather than yellow.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Unique rainbow trail effect Slow turning
A legendary Very hard to obtain
Easy and smooth driving Only seats one person
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